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Country average data for countries worldwide comes from:

Regional data within specific countries comes for different sources:

Files with Data extracted from Source Links 

Excel files have been made containing the regional data for these countries and are available below. Deaths are given in all files. For many countries  "Cases" are given and for some "Hospitalizations" and "Intensive Care".

 The data is given from start of availability up to the date indicated in file name.

The data in these files is exactly as obtained from the sources. Some issues with the data are described below. In some of the plots and analyses on the websire suitable adjustements, described elsewhere, are made to the data but none of the adjustments are included in the Excel files.

Non-hospital deaths and reporting date timescale differences

It is sometimes not clear in data sources whether non-hospital deaths are taken into account. The ECDC data includes non-hospital deaths from the date that the countries started to report them. Sometimes, when non-hospital deaths are included it is apparent that they are added in a lump at a particular date and not at the actual times when they occurred.

Further, the ECDC data and the regional data often have different reporting date scales.

The regional data from France is only hospital death while the ECDC numbers for France include the non-hospital deaths from the date they started to be reported. It seems clear that both the regional data and the ECDC for Italy and Spain include non-hospital deaths. Below are plots showing the ration between the sum of regional data from the sources quoted above and the ECDC data with a time shift chosen to match the data.