The danger that COemissions from human activities could cause irreversible climate change (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is now widely accepted but solutions to the problem are disputed. This website advocates for nuclear fission power to reduce CO2 emissions.

Wind and solar power alone cannot eliminate carbon emissions

Fossil fuels are the major source of CO2 emissions in electricity generation and must be eliminated as soon as possible. Many "Green" organizations advocate evolving the electricity generation mix towards 100% "renewable" in which they intend to exclude nuclear energy. Due to weather fluctuations, wind and solar power are extremely variable and must be backed up with other sources of generation, in practice fossil fuels. 

These fluctuations do not seem to be understood or accepted by many people.  So this website presents arguments, supported by actual electricity production data, to try to convince these people that wind and solar alone cannot be a solution to global warming.

Nuclear Fusion cannot help climate change

The opinion of this website is that nuclear fission power is the best way in most countries to reduce COemissions. An argument, which is starting to be popular, is that nuclear fusion is better than nuclear fission. The website explores fusion power describing the difficulties, costs and timescales of this as a possible future method to generate electricity. Arguments used to promote fusion over fission are shown to be exaggerated and even false.