Climate Change and Electricity Generation

Website of John Carr presenting studies relevant for climate change actions

Electricity production statistics

Electricity generation technologies

Global temperature changes

Global distribution of atmospheric carbon dioxide

July 2023 Global Boiling Panic

Summer 2023 saw a great deal of media fuss about excessive temperatures. This page shows that the situation was very much exaggerated and the global temperature fluctuations were due to frequent natural ocean oscillation phenomena: ENSO and NAO.

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Does the focus on one iconic global temperature plot make sense?

A great deal of attention about Climate Change is focused on a single iconic plot of global mean temperature. In reality different regions around the global have very different average temperature and time evolution of temperatures. Is the focus on one global average plot propaganda or science?

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Plots for Arctic Land Regions

The Arctic region is the region of the world with the highest current rate of increase in temperature during the period 1979-2022. This page show various plots of global mean surface temperature data for Arctic land regions. These plots show large bumps in the temperature values in the years 1935-1945.

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide

Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is thought to be the cause of Anthropogenic Global Warming. This page looks at available data for atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, both from ground observatories and from satellites.

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Do Climate Models Work?

An enormous number of models exist to make predictions about the future evolution of the climate but many models already disagree with existing data.

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Nuclear Fusion versus Nuclear Fission

Link to PowerPoint presentation and YouTube video by John Carr.

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The Future of Fusion Energy

Wonderfully clear book by by fusion researchers Jason Parisi and Justin Ball. Covers history, current status and prospect for Nuclear Fusion.

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The Fairy Tale of Nuclear Fusion

Detailed technical presentation by L. J Reinders of the reasons why commercial nuclear fusion is unlikely to ever become a reality.

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Sustainable Energy, David MacKay

Author was Professor of Physics at Cambridge University. Clear facts about sustainable energy, simply presented. Available as book and online. Link to video presentation by author.

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Energy, Vaclav Smil

Series of books on historical developments in energy. Author is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Fallout, Fred Pearce

History of accidents in nuclear power.

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