1950Born in Manchester, UK
1971, 1974BSc and PhD Physics, Imperial College, London, UK
1974 - 1984Various Research Associate posts in UK and USA
1984 - 1990Assistant Professor, U. Colorado, USA
1990 - 2016Directeur de Recherche, CNRS, France
2016 -Retired, France

My research career concerned Particle Physics and later Astroparticle Physics. Initially I worked on accelerator-based experiments at laboratories in UK (Rutherford Appleton), Canada (TRIUMF), USA (Fermilab, SLAC) and Switzerland (CERN). Later, I worked on Astroparticle Physics experiments located around the world (ANTARES, KM3NeT, H.E.S.S., CTA). The particle physics experiments aim to understand the subatomic particle composition of matter and the astroparticle experiments apply particle physics ideas to the study of the large-scale universe.

My personal involvement in these experiments started with tasks to build various components of the experiments, from high-field magnets to particle detectors, as well as extensive data analysis. As my career progressed, I held various scientific management positions. My most important scientific management responsibility was on the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope which was operational at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea near Toulon from 2006-2021. For the ANTARES project, I was Spokesperson during the construction phase from 1999-2008 where I had overall responsibility for scientific and technical decisions as well as financial responsibility. After this responsibility, I was appointed "Project Manager" of the CTA Observatory from 2010-2013. This project is working towards the construction of a large gamma ray telescope observatory with sites in Chile and the Canary Islands. During my career, I have served on multiple committees evaluating and advising on research projects in France, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

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Contact: twitter @John2017abc, email johncarr@orange.fr