Motivations for Website

The danger that COemissions from human activities could cause irreversible climate change (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is now widely accepted but solutions to the problem are disputed. This website is motivated by the need to clearly present the factual data on a number of issues such that sensible opinions can be formed. 

Evolution of electricity generation mix

Fossil fuels are the major source of anthropogenical CO2 emissions and to reduce this, many "Green" organizations advocate evolving the electricity generation mix towards 100% renewable energy. Unfortunately due to weather fluctuations  wind and solar power are extremely variable and must be backed up with other sources of generation. The implication of these fluctuations does not seem widely understood, hence here, the actual electricity production data is shown in detail to illustrate the problems. With increasing wind and solar power production, there is also agitation to decrease, and even eliminate,  nuclear power in the generation mix. Many of the arguments made  in favour of this change are false and the website includes pages to discuss and counter many of the prejudices which are behind these arguments

Timescale of Global Warming Crisis.

International agreements are in place to reduce COemissions to net zero by 2050. This goal will be very difficult to achieve, however the same "Green" organizations are agitating to completely eliminate carbon emissions by 2030. Actions to achieve this latter goal would be different from actions to achieve the first goal because of the timescales necessary to develop and introduce new technologies. The website covers this issue with the objective of demonstrating that the 2030 goal is a dangerous fantasy.

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