For several decades there has been extensive R&D aiming to generating electricity with nuclear fusion, however not a single watt of electricity has been produced by any fusion device. There is serious doubt if electricity producing power plants will ever be built on a commercial scale.

Scope of website

This website aims to present the difficulties of nuclear fusion in an convincing way. Most of the website focuses on the "mainstream" technology of magnetic confinement fusion with fuel of deuterium - tritium. After some introductory sections, a page entitled, Immense Challenges for Nuclear Fusion Reactors, summarizes the problems and introduces the subsequent parts. Little is said of the details of plasma physics or on past machines, the site concentrates on prospects for the future. In certain pages throughout the site, it is necessary to go into engineering details to fully appreciate the complexity of fusion reactors.

The mainstream portion of the website concludes with two pages, Show-Stoppers for Mainstream Approach and Why Bother with Fusion rather than Fission? These pages summarize the discussions throughout the website and come to the conclusions: fusion power will very likely never work for technical reasons but even if it does it has no advantages over fission and would cost vastly more.

A final segment, Alternative Approaches, explores the other methods of achieving commercial fusions, which in recent decades have seen significant developments.

Sources used for website

When ever possible the information presented on this website comes from published sources. When published information is unavailable, in a some places subjective opinions are given and in a few instances specific calculations have been made.

Detailed books on fusion have been consulted:

The website of Steven Krivit : New Energy Times,  is a good source of facts on fusion.

Extensive references are given at specific points throughout the text on the website.